March 24, 2017 Negotiations Update

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March 24, 2017 Negotiations Update

This negotiations session was focused on reviewing our respective issues lists. We also planned on setting an agenda for the next meeting on Friday, March 31st, where we will begin negotiating specific issues.

  • Ground rules agreement
    • COCFA and the District agreed to and signed off on the Ground Rules for the 2017-2018 negotiations cycle.
  • Re-opener concern
    • The District shared new information learned about the sun-shining process for negotiations re-openers for both teams. Unlike past re-opener documents shared with the public through Board of Trustees meetings, each team must include, at minimum, every article planned for discussion during the negotiation cycle.       COCFA will submit another reopener document for public comment at the April 12th and April 22nd board meetings.
  • Confirmation of issues
    • In discussing each team’s issues, we learned a little more about the District’s less obvious issues:
      • They want to clarify what activities should be completed by faculty within the regular 175+1 assignment, and what should be paid as supplementary service.
      • They want to develop an instrument to evaluate the work of coaches.
      • They want to reevaluate workload and pay for course coordinators.
      • They want to create language that requires faculty to submit supplementary services paperwork in a timely manner.
  • First 3 issues to be negotiated
    • After reviewing all the issues and identifying whether we felt they would be easy, moderate, or difficult to resolve, we decided on 3 issues to tackle at the next negotiations meeting:
      • Clarifying enrollment caps for large classes.
      • Creating contract language that describes the process of chair allocation of release time to faculty performing department duties.
      • Supplementary services form submission timeline.

Next Meeting: March 31, 2017

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