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The Faculty Association welcomes the involvement of its members. Some of the ways you can get involved are:

• Attend Board of Trustees meetings. We now get FLEX credit!
• Volunteer to address the Board on behalf of faculty and COCFA.
• Write an op-ed article for a local newspaper.
• We need photographs of faculty at campus events and social activities
• Show your pride by displaying your COCFA car decal.
• Wear your COCFA t-shirt and pin.
• Check personal email for COCFA communications, BOT Watch Newsletter and negotiations surveys.
• Work to the contract!
• Ask colleagues to get involved and join us for a COCFA Third Thirsty Thursday social.
• Help with mailing, phone tree, or communication of issues.
• Change language use to “off contract” – Don’t use term “vacation.” We don’t get a paid vacation!
• Participate in faculty leadership and voice your opinion at committee meetings.
• Agree to a faculty profile. We need faculty to interview fellow faculty for faculty profiles.