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Contract FAQs

Q: Am I required to attend graduation?

A: Currently, graduation is scheduled after the end of the academic/working calendar, which means that attendance is not required. Faculty members who attend commencement do so voluntarily on their own time.


Q: Do I have to do SLOs?

A: Although SLOs are not included among the professional responsibilities listed in the contract, many faculty members have voluntarily done SLOs beyond their contractual obligation.


Q: What kinds of issues are worthy of a grievance?

A: A faculty member may grieve any violation of the terms included in the contract, such as working conditions, tenure process, evaluations or workload.


Q: How many hours am I required to work per week?

A: Full-time faculty is required to work for at least 35 hours per week. While some of those hours are spent on campus, such as during traditional face-to-face classes and office hours, there is no specific requirement that states the full 35 hours must be spent on campus.


Q: Do I have a right to representation when meeting with management?

A: Members have the right to union representation whenever they are in a meeting that could result in disciplinary action or in a change of working conditions. For more information, read about our Weingarten Rights. (Link to this question within the the general FAQs under Resources/FAQs.)