9 Apr, 2016

COC faculty union to discuss endorsements… SCV Signal

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COC faculty union to discuss endorsements By Matt Thacker Signal Staff Writer April 9, 2016 8:00 a.m. The College of the Canyons Faculty Association will explain its endorsement process to prospective Board of Trustees candidates during Wednesday’s Santa Clarita Community College District Board of Trustees meeting. Chris Blakey, president of the union’s political action committee, said the Faculty Association will determine whether to endorse any candidates in August and September. The next COC Board of Trustees election is in November. read more here...

4 Nov, 2015

COC Scholarly Presentation to explore Galápagos Islands & Darwin’s footsteps

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College of the Canyons biology professor Dr. Miriam Golbert will deliver the Scholarly Presentation “Galápagos: A Personal Journey on Darwin's Footsteps” at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Thursday, Nov. 19. The presentation, which is based on Golbert’s research in the Galápagos Islands, will cover topics ranging from where the islands are located and their unique geological formations, before discussing Charles Darwin’s time spent on the islands, along with his various discoveries and scientific theories. Click here to read more...

9 Oct, 2015

Julie Jacobson

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Julie Jacobson, a full-time academic counselor and psychology instructor, literally grew up at College of the Canyons. As a toddler she attended COC’s Early Childhood Education program while her mother worked at the college. A few decades and two college degrees later, Jacobson returned. Inspired by her mother’s long career in education, Jacobson always had a passion for helping professions, including counseling, teaching and motivating others to reach their potential. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies and a multiple-subject teaching credential from California State University Chico as well as a Master of Arts degree in psychology [...]

14 Sep, 2015

Michael Leach

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Prof. Communications What turns the shyest kid in the class into an award-winning public speaker and coach? For COC Professor and Speech Team Coach Michael Leach it was a Moorpark Community College professor. During his first year at Moorpark College, Leach’s speech professor had the college’s speech team perform for the class. That one presentation began the shift that is now the focus of his career. “I thought I wanted to be an attorney,” Leach reflected. That was until he discovered his passion for public speaking and teaching others how to be an effective presenter. While washing windows [...]

13 Aug, 2015

Cindy Stephens

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If there were one word to define how Professor Cindy Stephens approaches her life, it would be “perseverance.” A child development instructor since 1992, Stephens encourages students to push through the challenging times (like the last couple of weeks of the semester) and stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel (like graduation). She always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but her mom told her she “should get a job where she could support herself.” While taking secretarial classes at a community college, she enrolled in a child development class. “I was inspired!” she said. [...]

17 Mar, 2015

Dave Brill

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Dave Brill is a multimedia professor, chair of the Media Entertainment Arts Department and oversees College of the Canyons’ Cougar News, the college’s award-winning multimedia news platform. It includes a broadcast partnership with SCV-TV through which students create broadcast news shows as well the news website cougarnews.com. A COC instructor since 1998, Brill has been on one side of a camera or the other for more than two decades. After attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado, his career allowed him to do field reporting, anchoring, photography, producing and editing in several markets. [...]

1 Dec, 2014

Tammy Bathke

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As a nurse, COC professor Tammy Bathke understands the power of proper training and medical advancements in patient care. But for Bathke, attaining optimum health doesn’t end there. “Research shows that people with meaning and purpose have greater success and happiness in all areas of their lives,” she said. It was this insight that led her to “eudaimonic wellbeing,” a core concept of positive functioning that originated with Aristotle. A nursing professor at COC since 2003, Bathke is currently pursuing a PhD in nursing from the UCLA School of Nursing. She will join a very small group of nurses with [...]

6 Nov, 2014

Charlie Johnson

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Charlie Johnson Professor of Mathematics At first glance it may appear that a combat sport and mathematics have little in common, but COC Professor Charlie Johnson thinks otherwise. A champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Johnson has found that his in-depth knowledge of inertia, momentum, trajectory and angles have been instrumental to his success in this mixed martial art. “The way that math and Jiu Jitsu fit together and support each other is truly symbiotic,” said Johnson. “While math is considered a cerebral discipline and Jiu Jitsu a physical one, the reality is that martial arts are a practical application of mathematical [...]