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15 Oct, 2015

COC’s proposed voting-area maps open for review

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First public hearing on voting areas draws 20-25 people What’s the best way to carve up the Santa Clarita Valley’s sprawling canyons, winding roads, suburban communities and wide-spread population? That’s the challenge facing the Santa Clarita Community College District, which has released three possible plans to divide its borders into five different voting areas as part of the district’s move to a new election system. Until now, voters have had a say in electing all of the five board members who oversee the community college district, which covers both campuses of College of the Canyons. Click here to read more...

13 Oct, 2015

Tuesday October 13, BOT Meeting Summary and Information:

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Public Hearing for Trustee Area Voting Districts Tuesday nights BOT meeting had about 25 community, staff, and faculty members in attendance. Michele Jenkins began the meeting by announcing the rules of engagement. Any members of the public that wished to speak must fill out a request card. The requests would be taken in order and each person would be given five minutes to talk. As many people that wanted would be given the chance to comment, but each person could only speak once.   Read more click here...  

8 Oct, 2015

BOT – Notice of Public Hearing

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Board of Trustees Election Information The Santa Clarita Community College District, which operates College of the Canyons, is changing the method by which members of the Board of Trustees are elected. Beginning with the November 2016 election, trustees will be elected to represent specific areas. The District is in the process of setting boundaries for the trustee areas, and is seeking public input in determining the boundaries. For more information click here... PROPOSED TRUSTEE AREA MAPS Draft Plan A ​​PDF Packet | GIS Map ​ Draft Plan B ​​PDF Packet | GIS Map ​ Draft Plan C ​​PDF Packet | [...]

24 Sep, 2015

COCFA President Addresses the BOT on behalf of the community

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COCFA President's Address to the Board of Trustees: Good Evening, My name is Wendy Brill-Wynkoop and I am President of the College of the Canyons Faculty Association. On behalf of the COC faculty, and as a service to our community, I want to comment on the two resolutions placed on the tonight’s agenda calling for the District to change its Board of Trustees electoral process to elections by “trustee districts”. The membership of COCFA supports the switch to trustee districts. COCFA has always favored this system as a resolution to the Voting Rights Act lawsuit. However, we feel compelled to [...]

23 Sep, 2015

Wednesday September 23, BOT Meeting Summary and Information:

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Last night 2 BOT resolutions were passed, with no nays or abstentions, to move from at-large districts to trustee area districts which means voting districts will need to be drawn and decided. With over 35 faculty in attendance, district lawyers presented a resolution to the Board of Tustees to draw “ by area” voting districts for board trustee elections as well as the criteria for how these districts will be determined and drawn. Only Trustee MacGregor asked questions and expressed concerns about the compressed timeline for public input. COCFA president Wendy Brill Wynkoop addressed the Board of Trustees with two concerns [...]